Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not the sound of silence, then

I nearly always write to music. I have a playlist for any longer pieces of writing, key songs for the short ones. I can tell you what I heard in my head when I was writing a scene, and what my characters' favorite songs are. So while the threads of my brain are reweaving themselves, post finish, I'll tell you some of what I listened to while writing the novel.

1. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" (multiple versions) The working title of the novel is But I Linger On, Dear. 

2. "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" by the phenomenally talented Amanda Palmer. The entire album is amazing. You should buy it. And if you ever get the chance, go see her play live. She is perhaps the best live performer I have ever seen. (Also, in one of those odd things that I know about my characters that didn't appear in the book, the Dresden Dolls' "Half Jack" is Aislinn's favorite song. So that got played a lot when I needed to get into her head.)

3. "Take to the Sky (Russia)," "Little Earthquakes," "Cruel," and "Tear in Your Hand" by Tori Amos. Actually, there was a lot of Tori Amos involved in the writing of this novel, but those four were the most thematically important. "Take to the Sky (Russia)" in particular got listened to, due to the line "Here I stand with a sword in my hand."

4. "Dress Up In You" by Belle & Sebastian. Spoilers. Sorry.

5. "Spem in Alium" composed by Thomas Tallis, performed by the King's College Chapel Choir. Possibly the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. If I needed to write a difficult scene, I put this on for comfort. During the time at Clarion that I was writing the short story that eventually turned into this novel, this song was all I listened to, on constant repeat.

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