Friday, March 27, 2009

The thing with writers is they write

I could feel it there, waiting, on the edges of my consciousness. The light was brighter, clearer, and I paid attention to details more. There was a pressure in my head, almost an ache. There was a story, lurking, waiting to be born. Or, to be more precise, the idea for one.

I don't feel comfortable when I'm not writing something creative. I mean, yes. I have this dissertation, which is a fairly large and complex writing project that comes with some very specific deadlines. It's in draft, and I'm revising.

And the novel is in draft, and is in the loving but harsh hands of my readers. (I have yet to print out my own copy and begin the reread. Perhaps this weekend.) And I know what the next novel is, and there are the plans for the collaborative epistolary novel with the lovely Megan. But the next novel requires Serious Research, and I want to be writing. I was beginning to feel fidgety because I wasn't. Revisions are good, research is necessary, but I needed to be actively writing something.

Finally, the first line sprang into my head, and I know what I will be working on next. It will probably be a longer short -- novella length, maybe? But I have something. I have taken pen in hand, and begun scrawling in my notebook. I feel like myself again.


  1. YESSSSS... more Kat stories.
    I am happy.
    Also, I've just written two pages with purple-inked fountain pen. Am feeling ridiculous and wonderful.

  2. I am always a little unnerved by how much the proper color of ink (or lack thereof) affects the quality of my writing.

  3. "collaborative epistolatory novel" = multi-author, letter-form novel? sneak views into several diaries? several people writing letters to the same recipient(s)?

    btw, are you "kat" who published a very hard to get novel in English in China? i think i had read a story of yours in a Guangzhou EFL zine... unfortunately, never did find the book...

  4. Hi stedawa,

    Yes, "collaborative epistolary novel" is a two-author, letter form novel. It's something I'm really looking forward to writing.

    And I have not yet published a novel. I've sold my first short story, but it has yet to appear. Don't worry. I'll let everyone know when and where you can actually buy my stuff. Thanks for the interest.