Monday, April 6, 2009

Does anyone else find this hysterically funny?

"In one instance, in 1346, Philip VI gave Edward III a choice of the next Thursday, Sunday, or Tuesday as a battle date, but Edward simply refused."

Just me? Right. Moving on.

In tonight's other exciting research news, Joan of Arc was prophesied by Merlin. And the Sibyl. No, this is not research for my fiction. It is for the dissertation. Seriously.


  1. Well, those days are all inferior days for battle, obviously. Any self-respecting monarch should know better.

    Am starting to be excited for your dissertation... Hm. Does this mean I need to get out more?

  2. Well, obviously all the best battles begin on Wednesday. Edward was wise to ignore the summons.

    And sword-wielding fifteenth century women are completely exciting.