Friday, April 17, 2009

I am not left-handed, either

So of course, of course, the first person that I fence in four years was left-handed. The bout started off as a disaster. My body cord went down. (Surprise! I didn't remember that the ones with the red tape on the ends were the ones that worked.) I attached my mask to my hair. (It used to be a lot shorter.) And she went up 4-0. In a five touch bout.

And then something in my brain shifted. I could actually see the lines of attack again. And I knew the angle that I needed to take. The right disengage to make to hit her flank after I parried. Then the bout was 4-4. La belle touche. She won, but I was back. I felt like a fencer again. It was a good night.

Spring continues to be present. My Mom is in town for the weekend, and we went to the garden store. I bought violas, and herbs, and about five different kinds of random tomatoes. And strawberries. Tomorrow, we will plant. 


  1. I have this idea that when I next see your house, it will be as gloriously coloured as a Faberge egg.

    Also that you will be wielding a sword and leaping about like Inigo Montoya.

  2. I normally try not to leap about with the swords outside. It scares the neighbors. But I do have flowers, and a tomato garden.