Monday, May 4, 2009

By way of introduction

I know. I know. I did this already. There was even a "Welcome" post. But then all these lovely new people showed up, and I want them to feel welcome, too, and I also thought, "Gee, it might be nice to have a sort of all 'round introductory type whassname." So for those of you who have been here since the beginning, sorry for the being repetitive, and please, feel free to stop reading at any point. It's not like there will be a quiz or anything.

So, (waves) Hi, I'm Kat. Until I defend my dissertation in August, I am a graduate student in English Literature. My primary period of expertise is basically Chaucer through Shakespeare, and I've also done scholarship on and taught fantasy literature. My dissertation is on the tension between holiness and heresy in the writing of four women mystics from the late fourteenth to mid-sixteenth century, and involves a lot of speculative theology. 

I am also a writer of speculative fiction. I am an alumna of Clarion 2008, where I was taught by six utterly brilliant instructors, and wrote with seventeen other students for six life-changing weeks. No, you can't yet buy anything I've written, but I have sold my first short story to a very exciting upcoming anthology, and I have a novel in draft, and yes, I will tell you lots about those things. I tend to talk about writing a lot. I don't usually post my work, but since you lot seemed to like the last bit, maybe I'll give you the occasional excerpt or something.

Recently, I have returned to the world of competitive fencing. And really, who doesn't like talking about sword fights? I occasionally post about really serious things. I do not post about the more (coughs, raises eyebrow) personal parts of my personal life, because, hey, that's why they're called "personal," and also, my Mom reads this. I do not, as yet, put up pictures or videos or whatever else is shiny because I will break the internet if I do.

I like it when you leave comments. I like this even more when you are respectful of yourself and others when you do so. Manners, you know? 

Lovely to meet you all.


  1. Kat, while I found via Neil Gaiman, I actually followed you because you're a doctoral student (as am I) in a Humanities (I'm in Rhetoric). Plus, good writing never hurts. :-)

  2. Thanks for the intro/brief bio. I would be one of the "lovely new people that showed up." Completely smitten with Neil Gaiman's work, my curiosity was piqued when he posted your short story on his twitter profile. His post of your story is one of the highest accolades I can think of and clearly a well-deserved one at that. Okay, I've rambled on long enough. This is me being quiet now.

  3. First - thanks for lumping me in with the 'lovely new people' - second, I'm all sorts of intrigued by fencing writers, since I happen to be one myself. Good to know there are more of us out there. Your dissertation sounds fascinating - keep us updated on any publications please?

    Best to you,

  4. Thanks all.

    Dawn: How far along are you? I am somewhat terrified at the idea of being Done in August.

    Across My Heart: Thanks. Ramble away.

    youngdj: What weapon do you fence? Also, I'll be reviewing a new book by another fencing writer soon.

  5. I actually found you through the Neil Gaiman mention too, but followed you because of what you study and write...especially since that would be my focus if I go on for my MA. So, I read a lot of stuff from Chaucer-Shakespeare-Spenser--and a bunch of fantasy too!

    Great story. Congrats on getting a story published.

  6. I'll add my two cents. I found you through Neil Gaiman like many others. I stayed because you're a writer. I consider myself one as well, though I'm nowhere near pubbed yet! (I'm in a writing group, does that count?) Also, because I love speculative fiction.

    Also some more, I'm going back to school in the fall, for Museum Conservation. Which isn't Lit, but will involve lots of writing (and *gulp* chemistry!)

    I fenced for a hot second my first time 'round in college. I was quite terrible at it, but it was great fun!

  7. Oh, Kat...I'm still a babe in the woods. I'm finishing my first year (but I'm an older returning student). I still have a few years to go.

    Most of my friends are 5th years in our program and finishing up, too. Watching them go through it has really opened my eyes to the process. I'll be interested to watch your progress the next few months, too.

  8. I, myself, am a fictional character and the subject of an experiment in speculative fiction.

    My creator, Rachelle Reese, found your blog through the Neil Gaiman mention and loved your witty approach to the subject at hand. She also enjoys fencing and has a Master's in English (concentration writing).

  9. Hi Kat,

    I signed up for your blog through Neil Gaiman's tweet, but I'm friends with some other Clarion alumni, so I've peeked in on your blog from time to time. Nice to meet you.


  10. Lizzie, if you know you are a writer then you are. End of story. (Er, bad pun not intended.) Publications have nothing to do with it -- it's all about the writing.

    ohbutmeow: Excellent! Which other Clarionites do you know? People from my class?

  11. Hi Kat (my real name is Karla) - yes, the people I know are from your class. The only one I know in person is Dan, but I've become, uh, e-friends (ouch) with Damien and Megan. I feel like kind of an asshat groupie, but y'all write well and I enjoy your blogs.

  12. Hi Karla. I thought maybe I "recognized" you from somewhere. Dan, Megan, and Damien are all lovely. Good friends for real and e-life. Nice to "meet" you here.

  13. Yep, that's me. Nice to "meet" you, too.