Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am very nearly recovered from WisCon. My dear house guests have gone home. The last load of laundry is tumbling in the drier downstairs, and there is food in the house. An enormous stack of new books sits atop my "to be read" pile. 

I returned to the minutiae of normal life today, taking myself to the social security office to commit the arcane rituals necessary to acquire a new social security card. I was prepared for a boring wait, but there was a gentleman there who roared. Constantly. In a manner that he seemed to think was communicative. He was quite polite about it, and everyone else there was diligently ignoring him. It was a bit surreal, and not at all boring.

The dissertation chapters I recently turned in are almost, but not quite, where they ought to be. So I should be working on them right now, but there is a story pinching at the edges of my consciousness. I'm not sure if it's flash, or a regular short story. If it turns out to be the former, I'll post it up here. 

Don't worry. I won't ever inflict the dissertation on you.


  1. Actually, from your comments so far, your dissertation sounds like something I'd be happy to read.

  2. Thank you. What a lovely thing to say.