Monday, May 25, 2009

WisCon 33 and thoughts on heros

That all-knowing "they," who seem to have rules for nearly everything, tell you not to meet your heros. Because, they say, heros are just people, just like you. They have foibles and bad days, and if you meet your heros, you will always be disappointed.

They lie.

If you define "hero" as someone I look up to or admire, I have always had writers among my heros. There have been, and are, others, of course, and someday I may tell you about some of them as well, but there have always been writers. In the past couple of years of my life, I've gotten to meet some of the people whose work caused me to hold them up as heros in my profession. 

This past weekend, at WisCon, I met a lot of them. And it was wonderful. Not once did I meet someone and realize that I no longer wanted to read their work because of their personality. (In fact, I met a lot of new people whose books I bought because they were interesting, intelligent, friendly people.) As with so many of the writers I have met, what I found in meeting my heros this past weekend, was not people with feet of clay, but people who offered shoulders of support.  

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