Thursday, June 11, 2009

An opportunity to do good

I've mentioned Catherynne Valente's amazing and gorgeous novel, Palimpsest, before. It's the kind of story that is still lingering in my brain, and so beautiful at a sentence level that I could fill a commonplace book with quotations from it. And I met Cat at WisCon, and found her smart, and funny, and articulate.

She's going to be posting her new YA novel online, in real time. Here's an explanation of exactly what it is she'll be doing, and why.

I know times are hard. But if you can help, even just by passing on the link, please do. Thank you.


  1. Done! Thanks for posting this. I also saw this on facebook, when Damien posted the's great how the information is spreading across the internet. I hope enough support will accumulate to help them over the hump. Writers, let's stick together.

  2. Thanks, Steffi. What I really love about the spec fic community is that it is a community, and people take care of each other. It makes me proud to be a part of it.