Friday, June 26, 2009

What does the zombie say?

This morning, I went to visit my friend Jen and her little girl, my faery goddaughter, Zoe. It was a great visit. Jen and I caught up, Zoe showed off her completely adorable new trick (giving kisses), I got the latest installment of my birthday desserts (for my birthday last year, Jen gave me six homemade desserts of my choosing, whenever I wanted them). Like I said, a great visit.

But perhaps my favorite part came while Zoe was going through some of her books, and Jen was telling me about some of the frustrations inherent in reading to a small human. There are the books where the only way to distinguish the animals is by color: dogs are brown, pigs are pink, elephants are grey, but they pretty much all look the same. There are the alphabet books that go for odd: "V is for vicuña." Okay, lions roar and cows moo, but what sort of noise does a vicuña make? Then Jen said, "Hey, Zoe, what does the zombie say?" Oh yes. Zoe is learning to shamble and say "BRAAAINS" when prompted. I love my friends.


  1. Grá's friends' daughter Bee has been taught to sing "Old McDonald had a robot" complete with little robot-laser-firing noises for the later parts of the verse.

    (Next step: Old McDonald had a Dalek.)

  2. Poor Old McDonald is going to wind up exterminated. With his brains eaten.

    Zoe also has a toy her Dad calls her "Singularity." I figure she hits Clarion in about 23 years, give or take.