Thursday, July 23, 2009

No lies, or damn lies, but some statistics

Final title for the dissertation: The Word Made Flesh: The Perception of Holiness in the Texts of Late Medieval and Early Modern Women in England

Word count: 38,498. (I'm guessing that the words written, but not included, comes in at about four times this.)

Footnotes: 170

Languages used that are not modern English: Latin, Homeric Greek, Middle French, and two dialects of Middle English

Supreme Court cases cited: One - Jacobellis v. Ohio

Newbery Award winning books cited: One - A Wrinkle in Time

Number of times all of my research was stolen: Once. That was more than enough.

Time to write: Either just over three years, or just over four months. I started my research in June of 2006. In March of this year, I finished the chapter on Julian of Norwich, and realized that I needed to rewrite the entire project to around the argument that I made in that chapter. So I did.

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