Friday, July 10, 2009

Your internet: Now with additional vampires

I am pleased to announce that there is now a Vampires in the Library blog. Yes, Megan and I are still twittering bits of vampire story at each other. Since there are people who (probably because they are smarter than I am) are not on twitter, and since it is difficult to read in reverse order, the wonderful Megan organized this for us.

We'll be posting to the blog in chunks that make sense in terms of story, rather than in 140 character bits. And we will put in useful things like paragraph breaks and dialogue markers, emend "&" to "and," and correct the assorted typos, but otherwise not edit or alter the story.

We're having a great deal of fun writing it. I hope it's also a fun read.


  1. great idea! I got a little lost sometimes.


    (now I feel that, if I start doing something similar, it would be yours, too, and not mine at all - but that's an idea that can easily make it to the Top 10 ideas of 2009)

  2. You're very welcome.

    And I think that if you did something similar it would definitely be your idea. I see this the same as any other collaborative project. I mean, the limits of twitter limit the length of each chunk that we write (and makes us exercise different skill sets as writers), but I feel like this is the same sort of thing that the epistolary novel we plan on writing will be. And people have been writing those for quite some time. So if you want to do a similar project, please do.

    And thanks for the lovely compliment.

  3. Yay! I am looking forward to reading about Vampires in the Library and more from two of my favorite Clarionites!