Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not what I had planned for the afternoon

When the sirens went off, I didn't really pay attention. The tornado sirens always go off on Wednesday afternoon. Except... they were still going off. And the sky was heavy and thick.

A quick glance at the internet meant taking the siren seriously, and getting Sam I Am and the Four Felines of the Apocalypse to the basement. Cats, incidentally, do not enjoy being evacuated. They make their dislike of this process known with vigor. And claws.

And then, I discovered the basement was flooded.

I am grateful that the tornado missed me, and also grateful that, at least according to early reports, it was small, and no one badly hurt. And I have a wet-dry vac, and the only things that seem to have been ruined beyond saving were some outlines and notebooks from law school. And while it did get me an A, even I don't want to read my Securities Regulation outline again, even for the purpose of nostalgia.

1 comment:

  1. Am very relieved that you and yours are neither hurt nor whisked off to Oz. I hope the basement dries out soon and that both plumbing and weather go back to behaving.