Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More cool things for you to know about

The writing is going well. So well, in fact, that it currently hurts to write. (Yes, I do physical therapy. I also regularly see a fabulous massage therapist.) Instead of writing then, I will tell you about the following:

My friend Keffy's short story, "Advertising at the End of the World,"is live at Apex. He workshopped the first version of this at Clarion. It was good then, and it's better now. Subtle, and spare, and haunting, it's an elegant exercise in what restrained prose can do. Also, it's awesome.

It's possible you've seen this already, as it went up a couple of days ago, which is like seven years in Internet-time. But, through careful research, Jim Hines has put together a list of 20 Neil Gaiman Facts. Again, awesome.

I've recently read two excellent debut novels, Amanda Downum's The Drowning City and Seanan McGuire's Rosemary and Rue. Downum creates a wonderful, richly built world that feels unique and new. McGuire writes something that is actually urban fantasy - the fae in the modern city - rather than paranormal romance (which is fine, but is not urban fantasy.) Both novels are full of compelling characters, and poised, polished writing. I'm delighted to see that both are the first books in planned series.

As I've been writing the new novel, I've been nearly constantly listening to cellist Peter Gregson's recording of Thomas Tallis's "Spem in Alium." It is a completely amazing recording of what I think is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.


  1. Spem in Alium is amazing. Thanks for the link. I'm actually listening to it as I type. (I have Rhapsody.)

    Also cool that all the Clarionites linked to Keffy's story the day it went up on Apex. I only got to read the first bit before heading off to work. Will read the rest later.

  2. You're very welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it.