Friday, September 4, 2009

Slightly less mush-brained

I was warned. By the lovely Delia Sherman, no less, who has a Ph.D. in Renaissance Studies, and so who knows from post-doctoral mush-brainedness. She told me that I would be exhausted after I defended, and that this was normal, and gave me some hints on how to get through that.

I just wasn't expecting it to last this long. I spent most of the first week after in a semi-fugue state, staring at shiny things for hours, rousing myself only long enough to watch both seasons of Chuck.

This past week, I attempted a short story. And I have about three thousand words what are masquerading as one, but I don't know what I think about it yet, and even getting to that point was exhausting.

But I think there's hope. A couple of days ago I printed out one of my Clarion application stories, "The Language of the Angels," the one Kelly Link told me was actually a novel. I read it over, made some notes, and started letting it cook at the back of my brain. And this morning, I had a couple of Important Insights about scenes and character. Just a bit ago, while making a pot of coffee, I got the first line: "I had the music up loud, and so I didn't hear the Devil, the first time he knocked on my door."

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I might be back.


  1. That is a smashing first sentence. Excited. VERY.

    ... Would chocolate arriving by post induce further Kat fiction making?... hm.

    Also, I wish you a speedy recovery from mush-brain and I cannot think of any better relaxing popcorn tv than Chuck.

  2. Since the last chocolate that arrived by post from you was one of the best chocolates ever, I'm going to say yes. Yes, if more chocolate arrives, I will write better, and faster, and more lyrically and....

    (Done begging now.)

    And thank you.