Saturday, September 26, 2009

A variety of beauty

The good news is, that the writing is going well. I've got a good start on two novels - one about tiny, insignificant issues like the consequences of the War in Heaven, and the nature of love (working title, The Language of the Angels) and a YA novel set in a library about the kind of stories we tell ourselves (oddly, no working title as yet.) I have a short story that I think is almost ready, and I'm girding my loins to put together a query letter for the completed novel.

The bad news is, (or at least bad for those of you who enjoy slightly more frequent updates here) is that, what with all the writing power of my brain going into a variety of notebooks, I haven't had good ideas for the blog. So, I will leave you with a couple of things to amuse yourself with until I figure out how to balance writing there with writing here:

Jon Scieszka (who is one of my absolute favorite children's book authors) and a bunch of other really talented people are writing and illustrating an Exquisite Corpse Adventure online, with new episodes posted every two weeks. An exquisite corpse adventure is both more literary and less potentially disgusting than it sounds, and this one looks wonderful.

Then there is the ps22 Chorus. I could listen to these kids sing all day. I'm not even going to try to pick a favorite song of theirs, because every one I have listened to is beautiful. But as beautiful as their singing is, I think my favorite part is watching the expressions on the faces of the kids as they perform. There is so much joy, and freedom, on their faces. The performances remind me of what art can be, and what it should strive for, and why people create.

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