Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just curious

I have a couple of pieces of short fiction that are, or will soon be, ready to send out. So I spent some time last night and this morning looking over the submission guidelines of various markets, making notes of response time, and requested format, and the usual sorts of necessary information.

And the thing that I keep wondering is if anyone has ever actually claimed to be a lusty pirate, in order to submit a lusty pirate story to Clarkesworld.


  1. Aren't pirates lusty by definition? And wouldn't a non-lusty pirate be a pirate with an identity crisis?

    All of this worthwhile issue to explore in fiction, I'm sure.

    Good luck on sending out your stories! I never tried Clarkesworld so I can't help you there, but I adore the lusty pirate bit in their guidelines, and I'd love to read the sub that triggered it...:-)

  2. If I could be sure that all pirates looked like Johnny Depp, I'd consider a secondary career. Just for the sake of story research, obviously. Since I doubt that's the case however, I guess I'll just have to wonder.

  3. Personally, I think that all pirates were smelly, dirty, sons-of-bitches, and, as great and romantic as they may be for fiction and fantasy (and I grew up reading Emilio Salgari's Sandokan stories), all kids and teens dreaming on being one is like, say, glorifying kidnappers and terrorists in stories 100 years from now.

    But, as things are, pirate stories are just that, stories and fantasy. So, they make great characters, after all, don't they?

    I love reading good stories, and, if they're about lusty pirates, or rock-kissing-and-shooing pirates, or whatever, that's fine. So, let your stories come and enthrall us.