Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Please, please, please, let me, let me, let me"

I am officially at the point of revising where I feel that I have accomplished something if I remember that every sentence needs a verb. Two and a half chapters to go, and then this pass through Linger will be done. (Well, except for then transferring all the hand-written notes into the actual computer document. One day my process will be efficient. Today is not that day.)

And I was going to talk about how revising is hard, but necessary in order to be true to the story and tell it in the best way possible. And there were these amusing typos that I was going to share. But right now, I am too tired to be amusing, and all of my erudite and philosophical thoughts are going into putting the right words on paper. So rather than searching for any more verbs, I'll leave you with Amanda Palmer's version of the song from which this post takes it's title. It's a pretty accurate reflection of my current state of mind.

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