Thursday, December 10, 2009

And also, brrr

So today when I woke up, it was -5. I'm not sure what the windchill was. Sam I Am and I had to take his morning walk in shifts because the ground hurt his feet so bad he kept attempting to walk without actually touching the ground. (We tried boots. Once. He ate them.)

Then two of the Four Felines of the Apocalypse demonstrated their best Linda Blair in The Exorcist abilities, and engaged in multiple bouts of projectile vomiting.

And also there was unresolved personal stress that involved a phone call with my attorney.

To add to the fun, the company that I prepaid for winter snow removal has apparently elected to not remove my snow, and to not return my phone calls. I live on a corner lot on a hill, and so I have a lot of snow to clear. Snow removal is, in my opinion, an excellent winter investment. When it actually happens. I do not have the money to invest in snow removal that does not.

So even though it is now 4 (windchill of -11) I went out and shoveled. I had been working for 45 minutes when Awesome Neighbor Paul brought over his snowblower, and cleared the hill part of the sidewalk for me. Which was pretty great. And so rather than being horribly grumpy, I am now only mildly so.

And now I will self-medicate with chocolate.

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