Sunday, January 24, 2010

The sound of the story

I almost always write to music. I can write in silence if that's the only option, but I prefer a soundtrack in the background. And yes, the choice of the word "soundtrack" was very deliberate. Even if it's just one song on repeat while I'm writing a short story, the choice of what to listen to while writing is very important. Knowing how the story sounds in my head is key to helping me know the characters and build the world. When I'm writing a novel-length project, I build whole playlists - for the place, for the characters, for the themes. So if you've ever wanted to know what the inside of my head sounded like, here's one from the current project, The Sweet Sleep of Death, The Widening Gyre:

1. "Keep the Streets Empty for Me" Fever Ray
2. "Plainsong" the Cure
3. "Howl" Florence + the Machine
4. "No One Would Riot for Less" Bright Eyes
5. "9 Crimes" Damien Rice
6. "Even Gods Do" Thea Gilmore
7. "Left of Center" Suzanne Vega
8. "Silence" Delerium
9. "Your Ghost" Kristin Hersh
10. "A Night Like This" the Cure
11. "Gorecki" Lamb
12. "Cruel" Tori Amos
13. "Take it Easy (Love Nothing)" Bright Eyes
14. "Solitude Standing" Suzanne Vega
15. "Drumming Song" Florence + the Machine
16. "Heartland" U2
17. "Live with Me" Massive Attack
18. "Mercy Street" Peter Gabriel
19. "The Host of Seraphim" Dead Can Dance

Feel free to speculate what you think I'm writing about. I don't promise to answer, though. Spoilers and all.

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  1. Uh oh... I'm headed here ( today... Now you've filled my ears with greed.