Thursday, February 11, 2010

Circles and circles and circles again

The nice thing about working on the current book is it definitely lets me know when the story isn't working. The bad thing about working on the current book is that, when that happens, all the writing comes to a screeching halt.

Okay. That's not exactly right. What happens is, I write three or four scenes, and I'm not happy about any of them while I'm writing them, not really, but it's putting words on the page, so I keep going. And then I can't see what happens next. And I faff about with things, make false starts, and decide that I might as well type up what is written so at least I am doing something.

And somewhere in the typing, I can hear the false note. It's like I'm writing in the wrong key. So tomorrow I'm going to print out the last 10K words or so, and read through them again, make a bunch of notes on what needs to be happening and questions that need to be answered. I will steel myself to make the Scary Danger somehow Even Worse and acknowledge the fact that in Story, like in Life, Bad Things happen to the people I like. 

And then I will discover what happens next.

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