Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't panic

Since I defended my dissertation at the end of August, my to do list has pretty much looked like this: 


Yes, at times it has been more detailed, reminding me to finish specific things, and occasionally "Clean house" and "Buy food" make an appearance, but generally, the focus of the day is writing fiction. And this works for me because I'm good at setting deadlines for myself and bad at doing nothing.

But I'll be back at a university this fall, doing my postdoc at Stony Brook. And lots of things need to happen between now and then. Thinking about all those things is slightly crazy-making, so I thought I would revise my to do list, and see if that made me feel more sane:

Sell house in Minneapolis
Find apartment in Stony Brook
Find good homes for one or two cats (If you want a lovely, darling cat, let me know)
Pack house (including organizing things to be moved, put in storage, and donated or sold)
Finish draft of whatever the fuck I am calling this cursed novel this week and send to beta readers
Revise/ send out "In Scarlet Nights I Saw You" (Little Red Werewolf Story)
Write Storyteller on a Ship story (not to be confused with Snakes on a Plane movie)
Course prep for "The Dream as Literary Form" (what I am teaching this fall)
Course prep for "The Fantastic as Place" including securing Fabulous Guest Stars (what I am also teaching this fall)
Begin work on Shakespeare and Sandman book (postdoc comes with snazzy research stipend. Snazzy research stipend is turning into this.)
Begin thinking about course I will be teaching next spring, "Saints and Other Troublesome Women"
Clean house
Buy food
Don't panic

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