Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Spangled Pandemonium, a classic of literature

I Accomplished Things today, which makes me feel a little less panicky.

I revised a story. Tomorrow, I will give it one more read through, and then send it out. I don't have a strong sense of what market it is right for, but I will let the editors reject me, rather than deciding on my own that no one will take it.

I read through The Sandman Papers, and took copious notes. I've reread Sandman enough to hold the bulk of it in my head, so this time, I'm reading the critical analysis and formulating reactions to that before rereading the text. Also, how lucky am I that rereading Sandman is for my job?

I did some in advance of packing sorting through stuff. Some lovely memories, like my baptismal gown, and baby clothes my Mom made me. Also, I found trunk stories from the second and third grade. When the critics go back over my opus, I believe that will be referred to as my Sparkly Unicorn Period. Still, it was not all a loss. The title of one of the stories was "The Spangled Pandemonium." Honestly, that title rocks, and I may need to steal it from myself.

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