Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The unbearable whiteness of being

I went temporarily snowblind this morning, and boy, wasn't that fun. "Because I feel like a prat when I do" is no longer an excuse for not wearing Enormous and Fashionable Sunglasses while walking Sam I Am. 

And yes, there is now officially so much snow on the ground that restricted parking rules are in effect, making me even happier that I can actually park in my garage, even if my driveway is a hill on a hill.

Yesterday was not a day off, and I revised the draft of the Little Red Werewolf story, then realized it needed one more pass before I sent it out to readers. The rooms are built, I just keep putting the wrong furniture in them. The Widening Gyre has started making "look at me" gestures in the side of my vision again, which is good. I am a bit concerned that the title is going to prove a metaphor for the writing of it, though - the story is coming out in recursive loops, rather than straight lines. Fine, so long as the center holds.

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