Saturday, February 6, 2010

What book are you reading now?

A meme floating around right now asks the following questions:

1. What book are you reading now?
2. Why did you choose it?
3. What’s the best thing about it?
4. What’s the worst thing about it?

Here are my answers:

1. The fully correct answer is "many." I have bookmarks in a large number of books right now, fiction and non, research and pleasure reading, and some that blur those distinctions. However, for the sake of making this not the longest blog entry ever: Under the Dome by Stephen King.

2. King was the "grown up" author I read. I've read most of his fiction, and much of his nonfiction, and while I haven't loved everything, when he's on, there's no better storyteller out there. I heard good things from people whose opinions I respect and trust, so I used part of a gift card and bought it.

3. The pacing is incredible, and King's writing is so fluid, so right, that it all looks easy. And even though there is a serious page count, reading feels like flying, not slogging.

4. It was too easy to tell which side people would wind up on based on character description, rather than actual character. Having said that, he is working with actual characters, not just collections of traits on a page.

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