Monday, March 15, 2010

Congratulations, Clarion 2010

Clarion has announced the members of its 2010 class. I want to wish all of you congratulations. I am so proud of you for applying. You have an amazing faculty, and are going to have a wonderful, challenging, and life-changing experience.

Last year, I wrote a post, offering unsolicited advice to the class of 2009. Looking over what I wrote, I realize I would give the same advice today, so here it is again. And if you are one of those members of the class of 2010 and are stopping by, introduce yourself.

And welcome.


  1. Oh, the memories! I remember learning about Clarion (South) for the first time and being desperate to attend. I sent in some stories that I only finished the day I sent the application - and then I was devestated when I didn't get in! *lol* Maybe I'll apply again next year...

  2. I think you should absolutely reapply. I know there were people in my class who had applied before and hadn't gotten in until our year. Good luck!