Saturday, March 13, 2010

My mind holds the key

I'm currently caught up on Project Put the Plot in the Novel. As I'm certain will surprise none of you, actually having a plot necessitated a number of changes, and the removal of vast swaths of text. I'm down about four thousand words, and have gone from being about a quarter of the way through the book (word count wise, assuming a 90K manuscript) to being about one-fifth of the way through. And even though, on paper, I have lost ground, I feel as if I have a lot more accomplished than I did.

Not only do I know the conflict that is driving the book, I know my characters and their relationships better. The geography of the city is taking shape in my head (this is a big deal for me - I get lost in my own city on a fairly regular basis.) And I know what this book is about on a thematic level. I will likely be updating my playlist soon, because the story sounds different in my head than it did when I began. I still do not have a title - The Widening Gyre is fine, I suppose, but I feel sort of meh about it. (Although since titles, like cover art and the cost of the book, fall under the category of things that writers have little to no control over, maybe I'll just leave it as is.)

And I am not doing anything except writing this weekend. The contractor came this morning, so no more house selling prep, no packing, no sorting until Monday. (Yes, this is a relaxing weekend for me - my crazy, let me show you it.)

In other exciting writing news, today I received in the post the proof copy of Stories, the anthology that my story "A Life in Fictions" will be in (edited by a couple of people you may possibly have heard of, Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio). I did the Dance of Joy around my house. Twice. The I read the Table of Contents and nearly died from the awesome. Stories comes out this summer. You will really, really want to read this book.

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