Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everything's alright, yes, everything's fine

Since, in the wake of this post, a critical number of people have called or emailed or used some form of communication to make sure that I am not actually in the Pit of Despair, I thought I ought to provide some reassurance. So. I'm much better than I was, and my intent wasn't to worry anyone. Thank you for checking on me - feeling loved is one of the reasons I feel better.

Early last week just happened to be a Confluence of Unfortunate Events - I got hit with moving stress, having to deal with someone and something that I wish I didn't, not having luck finding good homes for my two cats that need them (Seriously - if you or someone you know would like a very sweet cat, please get in touch.), and then on top of all of that, I was failing at writing.

But my parents are helping me with the move, both from an organization standpoint, and a financial one. (I don't actually get the moving stipend that goes with the fellowship until after I move. I'm not complaining - at least I get one.) And I'm not failing at writing anymore. I have put new words on the page for three days in a row now. I know what happens next in Seen, and I've got a good handle on the overarching conflicts for the book. Due to the assistance of some wonderful friends, I've figured out how I want to revise Linger in a way that I believe addresses what needs to be addressed, and still feels true to the character, and the story I want to tell.

The other things will take care of themselves, and I am reminded that I am not alone. Thank you.


  1. I've just realized that, for some reason, 'failing at writing' strikes me as the most ominous of all the scary stuff you mentioned.

    And I'm not even in the business.

    Time to get a new stash of readables, methinks...

  2. Honestly, that felt the most ominous from this side of it, too. Everything else I knew would get worked out.

  3. I'm glad to hear things are looking up again. Not to sound presumptuous, but I know a thing or two about moving stress, so let me promise you that it'll be fine (as I'm sure you know). Yay for new words being written! Can't wait for news on your new home, once you get there! :-)