Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

Today I went to the beach. Twice. Because I could, dear reader, because I could. In between those visits, I went next door and introduced myself to my neighbors. It was a fairly one-sided introduction, as my neighbors are all dead. Next door is a 244 year old family graveyard. (I think this is marvelous. Reactions from my friends have ranged from "Cool!" to "I can understand why you would think that was interesting.") 

I really want to take The Graveyard Book over there to read. We'll see how long I resist.


  1. I'd resist like, about a couple of evenings. If I had company, much the better.

  2. It's actually a really lovely, peaceful place. My little dog likes sitting outside of it. So probably the sort of people who would appreciate a great story.