Monday, June 28, 2010

All day I've been wondering what is inside of me

State of the revision rewrite of Linger: Officially halfway, pagecount-wise, as of last night. (I have not actually typed any of the changes into the computer, as I don't want to measure progress by a number right now, and also because currently the urge to write more words is louder than the voice in my head yelling "The house will burn down and your manuscript in it! TYPE!) Changing this subplot has meant changing a larger amount of the story than I thought it was going to when I realized this was what I needed to do.

Amount of work aside, I'm glad I made that decision, because it never should have been as central to the text as it apparently became. So - better book, when this is done.

I also have realized the best way for me to successfully decide what parts need to be changed and how much is not to ask "what is the scene doing?" Those parts, I pretty much got right. I'm asking "how is the scene accomplishing that? and what does it mean for the story for it to happen that way?" I think in thematics, not in plot. This is a strength and a weakness in my writing, but I feel that it's so fundamentally a part of the way I write, what I need to do is figure out how to work with it, rather than around it.

My goal is to have a polished manuscript, ready to submit to those who have asked for it, by the time classes start this fall. If I weren't moving in ten days (from housesit house to actual house) I would have signed up for Clarion's write-a-thon, and made that my goal, but I think moving will eat part of my life so Labor Day weekend it is. (By the way, you can still sponsor write-a-thon writers. If you want to sponsor one of my Clarionmates, or one of my instructors, let me know, and I'll give you the list of names.)

For now, I'm tired, and overcaffeinated, and somehow lacking in chocolate. But I know what happens next.

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