Friday, June 18, 2010

High fidelity

So I am about to go into Serious Revision Mode for the weekend, which likely means I will be very boring, and not have anything to say. (If you feel this is the status quo, well, you'll be happy to know it will be business as usual, then.) But before I do, I'm going to borrow a meme from a recent blog entry by my friend Lev (whose blog you ought to be reading because it is excellent), and sort my iTunes by play count, thus sharing the dark backwards and abysm of my musical taste with you. 

Here are my Top 10:

1. "The Last Beat of My Heart," DeVotchKa, play count: 275.

This is the best song ever. 

2. "Tear in Your Hand," Tori Amos, play count: 165.

Got me through my divorce. Also, I'm writing a book about Sandman. I hang out with the Dream King a lot. (I soundtrack my writing. That's going to affect some of these numbers.)

3. "There She Goes," The La's, play count: 126.

4. "Icarus," Jason Webley, play count: 114.

"and as I fall I feel myself relax."

5. "The Jeep Song," The Dresden Dolls, play count: 112.

One of my best memories ever is dancing with my Clarion class in Neil's apartment to this song. I love you guys.

6. "The Promise," When in Rome, play count: 105.

I have loved this song since I was in seventh grade. No, I am not as cool as I think I am.

7. "Spem in Alium," Thomas Tallis/ King's College Choir version, play count: 102.

Would be higher if I didn't have multiple versions of the song. I also highly recommend Peter Gregson's cello version. So cool.

8. "Disturbia," Rihanna, play count: 101.

9. "Everyday is Like Sunday," Morrissey, play count: 97.

You can't take the goth out of the girl.

10. "Take to the Sky (Russia)," Tori Amos, play count: 93.

Theme song for novel-in-progress, Linger. "And here I stand, with a sword in my hand."

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