Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Soviet Russia, accordions find you

Yesterday, I went into NYC so I could catch up with my friend Cat Valente, and hear her read as part of the Fantastic Fiction series at KGB Bar. The event was great - fun, packed to the gills venue, and a friendly crowd that was really into the readings. The other author at KGB was M.K. Hobson, who read a chapter from her upcoming debut novel, The Native Star (September 2010, Spectra.) Her reading was delightful, and from the excerpt, it sounds the The Native Star will be a really fun read.

Cat read from her forthcoming novel, Deathless. I was excited about this one before (Russia! fairy tales!) but I am even more so now. Best. Baba Yaga. Ever. I wish my Russian teacher from high school were still alive so I could give him a copy of this book. 

The KGB Fantastic Fiction series is monthly. I highly recommend going if you are in the NYC area. 

Then we left Cat's awesome magical accordion in the bar. It was successfully retrieved, (although sadly, I did not get to be the person who announced, "I carried the accordion.") Soup dumplings (wonderful food - why have I not had these before) as well as many other delicious things were consumed. A delightful evening all around.

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