Sunday, July 11, 2010

A sort of homecoming

I am in my new house, where I will be for the next two years. I like it very muchly.

Moving in was, as these things tend to be, a bit of an adventure. The prior tenants, who I am quite certain will be getting back none of their security deposit, left the house so filthy as to qualify as a biohazard. Rather than calling in the CDC, I called my Mom, who drove down from New Hampshire to help me out.

The moving truck broke down in NYC. Like the rest of the Northeast this past week, the truck got heat exhaustion. So everything arrived a day late.

But arrive it did. And the house is clean. And I have begun unpacking. My bed has sheets on. I have found my coffee maker. The internet is connected. My swanky new desk has been delivered, with swanky ergonomic chair to follow.

I ordered furniture. I think I am officially a grown up.

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  1. An ergonomic chair? You really have arrived in Grown-up Land! Congrats!