Monday, July 19, 2010

You're turning into something you are not

Here's the thing: Amanda Palmer made me cry, and so I really think you ought to buy her new album.

I know, I know, that's really the sort of statement I need to explain.

At the beginning of June, I was fortunate enough to get to see Sxip Shirey,  Evelyn Evelyn, Jason Webley, and Amanda Palmer at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. (You know this if you follow me on Twitter, because the show was great, and I tweeted about it excessively.)

During Amanda's set, she spoke about finally being free from her former record label, and the new project she was releasing, "Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele." 

And then she played "High and Dry."

It was so beautiful, I stood there and wept while she sang. Like, tears streaming down my face, smearing my mascara, wept. So you should be the album for that reason. And if you can afford more than the $0.84 she is selling the EP for, you should maybe do that as well, because supporting people who create beauty is a good thing to do.


  1. Thanks for the link. Just bought the EP.

    Keep making music recommendations. I like them. Especially how heartfelt they are.

  2. I hope you enjoy the EP. And I'm glad you like the recommendations. One of the fun parts for me about getting to talk to people here is sharing the things I love.