Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Only connect

I am busy like a busy thing right now, with no time for being interesting except on paper. (Dear God, please let me actually be interesting there.)

But the lovely and generous Cat Valente made me a present, and I really want to use it, so this blog post is an excuse to do that. 

The thing that I love about social media is the social aspect - crowdsourcing my novel research on twitter, or just seeing what a bunch of interesting people are getting up to, and being able to talk about it. My favorite part about blogging is the comments. (Yes, I know that it is sometimes difficult to post a comment here. Sometimes this blog does not let me post comments.) So to make it easier for me to connect with people, here or on their blogs, I am going to begin cross-posting on LiveJournal. I am kat_with_sword there, much like on twitter. And it will be straight-up cross-posting, as trying to come up with ideas enough and time for independent posting will drive me bonkers sooner rather than later.

But stop by if you like, if only to see the lovely thing Cat made me.

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