Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the winner is...

The All Hallow's Read book giveaway is possibly the most fun thing I've done on this blog. I loved reading all of the stories that you shared (and collected a few more books for my to-be-read list. Also, ideas. Like Wendy's, for having a slice of pie with my horror.) I encourage you all to go back and read the comments on the original post, because they are full of awesome.

They were so awesome that I really wished I could give away more books. Maybe in the future, because I will definitely be doing this again. Hallowe'en is already one of my best-loved holidays, and the addition of giving books just makes it even better. But I did have to pick a winner.

Maybe it was because of the description of the dorm as being just past the seventh circle of Hell. Maybe it was because It was another book that had a powerful effect on me. Or maybe it was because of the absolute delight you took in being scared, but I am delighted to inform the Ms. Educated Bostonian that you have won the scary book of your choice, which was Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. Please send me an email using the "contact me" button on my profile page, and include your address and I will send you your book.

And to all of you, thanks again for your scary book stories. Happy Hallowe'en, and Scary Reading.

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