Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Only mostly dead

It seems that I'm doing a lot of apologizing lately for radio silence here. I could make up an interesting excuse (it was the zombie apocalypse!) but really, the fact is I was too busy to make up interesting posts, and there wasn't really anything more serious I was ready to talk about.

So. Here's your State of the Kat update: It's almost the end of the semester. It's been great. I've been teaching two classes that I love to amazing students. It has also been a lot more work than I anticipated. So I am really looking forward to the long winter break and then only having one class next semester. (Chaucer. We're going to have such fun.)

Writing-wise, I am still struggling with my relationship with my internal perfectionist. So in November, I tried something new: I wasn't allowed to abandon a story. I wrote some really crap first drafts, but now I have revisable prose. It was an interesting experiment, and a useful one for me. I'm also trying to read more (I'm always trying to read more) and read more widely, so as to make my brain go explody, and thus generate interesting story ideas. And once classes end and I get my grading done, I'm going to experiment with putting myself on a slightly more structured schedule. 

I am also going to try to get back into regular blogging habits. I miss you guys.

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