Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adeste fidelis

I studied Latin in grad school. My specialty is medieval literature - the assumption of the various powers was that I would not only study Latin, but study a rather great deal of Latin, and perhaps woo attractive people of both genders at cocktail parties by demonstrating my felicity with the ablative.

My decision to certify fluency for in Russian and French caused not only a great deal of consternation, but also three separate memos. (Memoranda. See what I did there?)

The thing is, I wrote my dissertation on medieval women's religious writing. Not really a topic full of Latinate texts. Okay, yes, there was a moment in Joan of Arc's trial transcript where the Middle French text was corrupt, and I read some of Aquinas, but women spoke in the vulgar tongue.

So what have I used my Latin for? Well, I did some translation for a friend's comic, I'm working out a system of magic in the new novel, and Greek is too liquid for the sound I want (Latin is totally the JS Bach of the language world) and... Oh! Christmas carols. I'm awesome at Christmas carols.

No education is ever wasted.

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