Monday, January 31, 2011

"As if death itself was undone"

The book (working title: Stronger Than Death) is cooperating right now. Even if I did, er, kill my pov character last night. As I reassured my friend Tim, Buffy died twice in seven seasons. Everything is going to be fine.

And there are enough words on the page that this feels book-shaped in my head when I think about it, which is good.

The other good thing is that I know what the book sounds like in my head, at least at this point in the story. So, for those of you who like this sort of thing, here's the playlist:

"Blinding"  - Florence and the Machine
"On an Unknown Beach" - Amanda Palmer
"Love Vigilantes" - Iron & Wine
"My Body is a Cage" - Peter Gabriel
"My Darkness" - Lookbook
"Love You More" - The Pierces
"Rox in the Box" - The Decemberists
"Ramalama (Bang Bang)" - Róisín Murphy
"The Ship Song" - Amanda Palmer
"To Darkness/ Kripa" - The Dharohar Project
"Harder Than Easy" - Jack Savoretti

No annotations this time - I've grown increasingly superstitious about giving the details of a work in progress while it is, you know, in progress.

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  1. Hooray for things feeling book-shaped!

    I'll be taking my coffee over to itunes to check out some of those songs I don't recognize. :-) ~Ali