Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not the Boskone write-up post

This was going to be the place where I wrote a bit about going to Boskone on Saturday, and where I talked about how lovely it was to see dear friends, and meet new ones, and maybe talk a bit about some of the interesting panels I saw.

But instead, this has turned in to the post where I wave my hands in the air in a very Grover-like fashion and tell you I sold my story, "The Speaking Bone," to Apex Magazine, and it will appear in the March issue.

I am so, so excited. I love this story. It is, I think, the weirdest thing I have ever written. (When I was house-sitting this summer, I had walking access to an incredibly beautiful beach. The fact that "The Speaking Bone" is a direct result of that will give you a bit of a clue as to how odd my brain is.)

This also marks my third professional fiction sale, thus qualifying me for SFWA membership. I will be filling out my paperwork soon, and with great delight.


  1. Congratulations on the sale!

    I wish we could have made it to Boskone this year; it would have been nice to meet you.

  2. Thank you!

    Boskone was fun. I will definitely go back, and in a more professional capacity. (I mostly lurked in the back this time.)

  3. Congratulations! A "Grover-like" hand waving post is always welcome! :-)