Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glamour and poise

Earlier this week, I met with my agent, and got some great feedback and revision notes for The Sword Between. I'm really excited about working through them and making my manuscript all shiny and gorgeous. (Well, you know me. It's more like upping the weird and the bodycount rather than making with the shiny, but it's the same sort of thing, right?)

So I bought lo, many post-it notes (SO. MANY. 3M should sponsor my writing, that's how many.) and pens of exciting colors of ink, and also highlighters in shades other than annoying neon yellow and orange. (The colors, they burn us when we touch them.) And now I am in the process of making notes and highlighting pages and scribbling on post-its and sticking them on things.

Things, which apparently include me. 

I went outside to get my new running shoes from the UPS guy, and he laughed so hard he nearly fell down the stairs. Stuck to my rear was a post-it reading "Think about your monsters!"

Believe me, I am.


  1. ...And I hope that a significant number of these post-its notes are fuchsia! (Because it's glamorous. Even *things* from the dream dimensions think so.) Continued good luck with the revision.

  2. There are definitely fuchsia post-it notes. There had to be.

  3. Well, I nearly snorted coffee. That is awesome.

    My post-its are lavender -- as are my pens and highlighters. I have a lime green highlighter, but that one burns my retinas a bit.

    Good luck with the revisions. Kick ass. :-)