Friday, July 8, 2011

And they know you at the MAC store

The sweat and blood work of the revision is finished. Aside from killing a porch light, I also drained the ink from an entire pen (I handwrite, so finished means all the words are on paper. It does not mean all the words are in my computer. This is fine, because the typing will give me the last-pass check on how the new emotional beats read.), and used an entire pack of post-it flags, plus assorted others of varying size. We won't discuss how much coffee I consumed, but will just agree like civilized people to call the amount "a lot."

I finished very early this morning, so technically, I have written today. But really, post-sleep, it is a day off. I went to the Asian grocery to replenish my stock of o-chazuke. (After Megan introduced me to this at Clarion, I have forever associated it with "things I eat when I write too much.") I went to the MAC store, and bought lipstick, and assorted face sparkles. I enjoy face sparkles a great deal. Later, I will meet a friend for ice cream. Possibly I will spend too much time faffing about on the internets. I will read books that I did not write.

And yes, I still need to do the typing, and there are other deadlines on the horizon, so tomorrow will be back to work, but for right now, I am mush-brained, and happy.


  1. I finally understand that lyric now. I always thought it meant raincoats before, and liked to pretend it meant the Apple store. Cosmetics!

  2. I've just Googled o-chazuke, and that sounds absolutely delicious.

    I hope today finds you refreshed. Happy writing! (I'd say 'happy revising,' but that is a boldfaced lie of a phrase. *smile*)

    Also, your post labels always make me laugh. Love them.