Tuesday, August 30, 2011

REM was right. It did, actually, start with an earthquake

It has been a week. First there was an earthquake! Not a big one, as these things go, but it went on long enough to knock down some books, a painting, and a sword, make me feel vaguely seasick, and seriously freak out my cat. My darling pug snored through it. I lived just outside of Seattle for ten years, never had an earthquake. But here...

Two days later, at 2:30 in the morning, my smoke detectors malfunctioned. Not in a "change the battery and you fix this" fashion. No, in a "they're wired into the house, and I don't know if they're also carbon monoxide detectors, and I don't have a direct line for my landlords, and also one of them is in my horror movie basement" fashion. Cats do not like being stuffed into a sack and evacuated. Sam I Am really wanted to ride the fire truck. The fire department was awesome, and extremely kind. And eventually, the landlords fixed the system so it stopped spontaneously going off. Also, I have all their phone numbers now. (I've lived here over a year.)

Then Hurricane Irene came. And dropped a tree on my car. All things considered, I got off lightly. Part of my town flooded. Most of the houses near me had trees on them. I have insurance, and I have a rental car now. Still, stressful. And exhausting.

Also, I did my undergrad at the University of Miami. We had hurricanes a couple of times. I don't remember ever losing a day of classes to a storm. First day of classes at Stony Brook was canceled yesterday.

It has been a week.