Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today is not that day

Last night at WorldCon, the winners of the Hugo and Campbell awards were announced. Congratulations to all the winners!

This morning, the complaining began. "Why didn't X win?" "How could Y even have been on the ballot?" "Author/ story/ film Z is so overrated. People must be idiots if that's what they vote for."

My response to this is: did you nominate? Did you vote? If not, kindly shut up.

I nominated, and voted. Like anything that involves voting, in some cases I am utterly delighted with the results, and in some cases, the winners differ from my choices. But I had my say, and I think it does little to no good to complain about any of it now.

But if you hated the results, if you feel they are a travesty, or a joke, or nothing but a popularity contest, or whatever has made you so grumpy that you do nothing but complain for paragraph after paragraph (yes, I've seen this. No, I'm not linking to it. The sad thing is, examples aren't hard to find) well, for fuck's sake, nominate and vote next year.

Anyone can nominate, anyone can vote. Yes, you need to have a supporting membership in that year's WorldCon, and yes, that costs money. The past few years, it's been at $50. I understand that isn't pocket change, but you also get the Hugo Voters' pack of the nominated material, which includes all the nominated novels. (You can also nominate and vote in the Locus awards for free.)

Let me say that again: Anyone. You don't need to be a writer, an editor, an agent, a critic, a publisher, a superfan. Just, you know, have read a work in a category.

If you're really upset about past results, advocate for different ones. When you read or watch something you find worthy of being nominated, say so. Say so loudly. Write a blog post, or comment on a book review, or just tweet something during the nomination period. If you don't know if something is eligible, ask the person who wrote it. Trust me - that person will know.

No day is an appropriate day to try and cast tarnish on the shiny rocketship trophies. But seriously, if you couldn't even bother to vote, today is really not that day. 


  1. It's a poor show to squabble over who should've won, who shouldn't have been nominated etc. That's crappy, and there's no good excuse for it. *shakes head*


  2. There is an amazing amount of vitriol out there about winners I shall not name.

    You're right about the nominating and voting thing, Kat. And I am guilty too...even if I don't kvetch about a winner if I don't like it, I try hard not to piss in other people's Kung Pao.