Monday, November 28, 2011

Because fairy godmothers are real

It is neither exaggeration nor hyperbole to say that without Terri Windling, I would not be a writer.

I'll start with the obvious - she helped create and edit Bordertown. She has, with Ellen Datlow, edited a number of volumes of excellent, fairy-tale inflected, short fiction. Her own novel, The Wood Wife, is one I have turned to again and again, when I needed thoughtful magic. So her work has, in a number of ways, shaped my literary DNA.

But she also gave refuge and sanctuary to my soul. She took me on as a reviewer for the Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts, and she and Midori Snyder were unfailingly kind and encouraging to me while I was there. I needed that place - a place to feel that these stories that l loved were important, and mattered, and that it was okay to think seriously about them. I felt part of a community there.

And it was there, on the reference pages of the Endicott website, that I first discovered how to apply to Clarion, and when I said that I was going to, Terri wished me well. Even now, I cannot write what it meant to me, to have someone whose work I so admired, someone who I looked up to in that fashion, say good luck, and you can do this thing. It gave me courage, and strength.

We still haven't met in person, but Terri Windling is my fairy godmother, and someone I love deeply.

Right now, Terri has had to deal with a number of ongoing legal and health issues. She needs help. Here, at Magick 4 Terri, is a place you can do that. It's an auction full of beautiful and fantastical things.

Thank you.


  1. Kat, I didn't know much about Terri until today -- until I saw your tweet. Since, I've taken a look at her art and writing, and I'm adding The Wood Wife to my To Acquire list.

    Thank you for putting a personal spin on the fundraiser; I tweeted a link earlier to its website. She seems like a wonderful person -- and oh my gosh, her dog is adorable...

  2. Yeah, the pictures of Tilly are pretty much a guaranteed pick me up. So cute!

    Thank you for helping spread the word.