Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Standing on someone else's soapbox

I sent out my first query letter (the letter that a writer sends to an agent, looking for representation) at the end of 2009. As I was getting ready to do so, I did what any sensible person does - I consulted the internet. 

Oh, not just for research on which agents might be a good fit for me, and what a query letter was, and how one wrote a synopsis without descent into madness and despair, but also for some sort of clue as to how I might survive the process - the process of being a new writer who was querying, and writing other things, and trying to figure out the business, and all the assorted angst and wankery (wankstery?) that goes with it. 

Reader, I found The Rejectionist. She was, at the time, an agent's assistant. But she didn't just write about the rejectionist part of things. She wrote about books and feminism and fashion and discovering who you are and the perils of nostalgia. And she wrote about them in a smart, snarky, insightful way that I loved. It became one of my favorite blogs, and it still is.

So I am so excited to tell you that I am guest-blogging for The Rejectionist today, as part of Feminist Speculative Fiction Week. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hello Kat ... Once week I indulge in all things 'Rejectionist' and was delighted to read your piece on 'why there are no men in your story'.

    I too write (SF/F) without the male pronoun, and have often chosen my answers to that question carefully, without being untrue to my Self ... a fine line on occasions. But what are we, if not up to such challenges!

    My first book came out in September, we shall see how far I can take it.

  2. Hi Widder,

    I'm glad you liked the piece - thanks so much for stopping by to say so. And best of luck with your own writing.