Thursday, January 19, 2012

Turn a bunny (or a camel, or a goat) into a story critique

Every so often, I am reminded that my friends are really cool people, people who do marvelous wonderful things, who make the world better in all sorts of intangible ways. And once a year, for the past few years, I have been reminded that my friend Pat Rothfuss does something really cool that helps make the world better in a very tangible way. He runs the Worldbuilders fundraiser, a massive fundraising effort to benefit Heifer International.

Worldbuilders is really great - if you donate through that page, you get entered to win all sorts of really great books and other literary swag. Some of these things are signed, or rare, or both. Auctions are another part of the fundraiser, and this year, I donated a critique, that is being auctioned off even now. The specific details, and the link to bid are over at Pat's blog, but the short version is I'll critique a short story, or the opening chunk of a novel, up to 10,000 words. It would make me really happy to see this help raise a lot of money for Heifer, so please bid and bid generously, and tell your writerly friends.

And if a critique isn't what you need, you should definitely check out the other things you can win, and make a donation.

Oh, and Pat is totally exaggerating. The SUV was barely on fire when I pulled it off of him.

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