Friday, February 24, 2012

When obviously, we're all mad here

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their responses to yesterday's post. Thank you for your comments, here and on twitter, and via email. Thank you for being - as you always are - kind, and thoughtful.

The idea of what it means to live semi-publicly, to balance the need or desire to speak with the need or desire to silence, the question of whether I have a responsibility to speak, is going to be one that I have an ongoing relationship with. I think that's good - I think it's important to be thoughtful when you know you don't have the answers. And I don't.

But a couple of things I will say: There are a lot more imperfect people on the internet than you think there are. Most of us here, in fact. Just because someone chooses not to speak about their imperfections or their suffering, doesn't mean those things don't exist. So you - and I - well, we're not as alone as we think we are.

Please, try to remember that the people on the internet are people. That a persona may be just that, and that just because someone does not share their bad days doesn't mean they don't have them. For a thing that connects us, the internet often obscures communication - sarcasm doesn't translate, cruelty becomes easier. Remember that the people on the internet are people, and that you are too, and let's try to be decent to one another.

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