Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not quite radio silence, but turning the volume down

This morning, I looked in the refrigerator, and there was no food to eat for breakfast. Nor was there breakfast food in the freezer, or the cupboards. There was food for Sam I Am and Stella, and there was coffee, but otherwise, my choices were pretty much nonexistent.

That sad state of affairs has been remedied, but it's what leads to this post. 

Remember yesterday, when I said the moving truck was arriving in 21 days? Well, what with the revolution of the Earth around the sun and all, today that number is 20. And some progress towards being ready to move has been made in the intervening time, but not all. (Shocking, I know.) And there's still the grading papers and the deadlines and the ballet that is premiering in under two months.


I don't think I'll disappear from here completely, and I'll still be on twitter fairly regularly, but in the interest of making sure that the house gets packed and the papers get graded and the words get written and I don't starve in the process, I'm giving myself permission to take "blogging" off of the to-do list.


  1. A pedantic note, but also maybe an important one: I think you mean "What with the revolution of the Earth about its axis." A revolution about the sun would be a year, not a day. If that is happening, I'm afraid you may be trapped in under-the-hill time, and rather than getting to plan a road trip this summer, I will not see you again until the hairs on my chin can twice over reach my britches.

    1. I might well be in under-the-hill time. I certainly am if it means you are going to grow such an extraordinary beard. Seeing such a thing would be even more of a delight than the dragon robe in the airport.