Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life: The remix

I mentioned something on twitter the other day, related to moving or unpacking or some such, and my friend Monica called it "remixing my life."

I loved the phrase, not least because my brain immediately thought "dance mix," and I do love the idea of going through life in this sort of fashion. But I also loved the phrase because the description rings true: that is what I am in the process of doing.

I am unpacking. It's a process that's taking a while because I'm figuring out how to use my space (and means there will probably be two stages - one where I get everything out of the boxes, and a second where I go back and organize) and because I'm visiting friends and writing. But this morning I put books that I've had since grade school on a bookshelf I've had since college, and I'm sitting at the desk I bought when I got a job as a professor, the desk which is my favorite place to sit and write. Little pieces of a life, chosen pieces, put together to make something that is both new and recognizable.

And that is how my life feels right now, both new and recognizable. I've seen some dear friends in the past two weeks since I've been back, but they are friends who have moved, had children, gotten married, changed jobs. We are ourselves, but different. The place I live now is different enough to the place I lived before that I'm not being stalked by memories I don't want to have.

Life is a remix because all the bits and pieces of it that go into this moment have been here before. They are the memories that I am unpacking from the boxes, and turning into a song.

Let's dance.

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