Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An update of sorts, and a story

The purpose of this blog was never meant to be strictly self-promotion. That's no fun for me to write, and - I feel certain - less fun for you to read. But I've had three short stories come out in the last three weeks: "Murdered Sleep" in Apex, "The Heart of the Story" in Fireside, and today, "Breaking the Frame" in Lightspeed. So if you want to read some of the fiction I've written in the past few months, you have a variety of choices.

And I haven't been around the blog much because I've been busy writing elsewhere, and not the sort of things I can talk about, at least not yet. Okay, the novel I can talk about, but I don't want to, because I am superstitious about talking too much about things before I have finished writing them. I didn't really want to write a series of entries that were as redacted as government documents. (If you really want to know how things are going on a day by day basis, you can always finding me on Twitter.)

But I'm writing, and I'm writing a lot, and even on the days when the work is hard - and believe me, there are those days - I'm still happy about the work that I am doing. See you soon.

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